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 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Nissan has been around for many, many years, and has developed a variety of different vehicles that have captured the attention of owners, drivers, customers, dealers, and the media. Recently (the past 10 years) there has been an influx of interest in hybrid and electric vehicles, so, naturally, Nissan has been taking its crack at making the best on the market. Bates Nissan wants to keep you informed about what hybrid and electric vehicles do, as well as tell you which ones are available here and which ones will hopefully be coming soon.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Hybrid Info

Combining the use of a gas-powered engine and electric motors, hybrid vehicles use the best of both in order to create better fuel efficient vehicles and lower emissions.

A lot of energy is used by engines when they have to accelerate, pass another car, climb a hill, and fight against wind resistance. Normally, an engine is just boosted into higher RPMs to take care of these battles, which causes lower fuel efficiency with the engine working harder. With a hybrid engine, though, it stores energy in the electric motor to combat these factors. When needed, the energy is taken from to electric motor and used to add power to the gas engine to assist it.

Another feature that hybrids have is the automatic start/start feature. This comes in handy when having to sit at a stop light for a while. When the car comes to a complete stop and the brake is engaged, the engine will turn off to save fuel while idling. Then when the gas pedal is pressed it will instantly turn on to accelerate again.

Currently, Nissan features the Pathfinder Hybrid that offers excellent fuel efficiency without sacrificing power.
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EV Info

Electric vehicles aren’t like hybrid vehicles in that they only have one electric motor, and it powers the entire car. While it does store energy like the hybrid, it does not have any sort of gas-powered engine to go along with it. Another difference is how to fill up. Just like a cell phone or other electric device, it electric cars need to be plugged up in order to gain energy.

The new 2015 Nissan LEAF is proud to talk about the power you get from its 80 kW engine without the lag some experience with other all-electric vehicles, as well it should. Boasting a high 126 MPGe city and 101 MPGe highway, the Nissan LEAF still packs 107 horsepower and 187 lb-ft of torque.

If you are convinced that a hybrid or electric vehicle should be your next car, then come to Bates Nissan to see which one we have ready for you to test drive!
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